Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Normal

It's been a week since the layoffs ended and the shock wore off. There has been some shuffling as we have gotten used to new workloads, new routines, new offices, and additional responsibilities. Tempers have flared. Patience dwindled. Gossip is in good company. And raw feelings are still tender.

The thing is, most people are scared of the idea of change. I'm not overly fond of it myself. But change has happened, so we have to adjust. And it is much easier to adjust when you put a face to the change.

New Normal looks scary, but once you get to know him—there isn't much to be afraid of.
After all, he is just an over-sized kitty [with unusually large teeth].

Keep a night light handy—for those dark and stormy nights, silly thing is scared of the dark.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Edmund Matthew White
8 lbs 5 oz; 20.5 inches long

I can't wait to meet him.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Lord WILL Provide

"It's ok, I've got this. Trust Me."

We had a meeting on Monday afternoon. But the layoffs didn't start until the next week. After four long months of waiting. They started quietly. Without informing us of the results of the board meeting. And lives were changed.

It rained. Tears from heaven mingled with the quiet tears of those let go.

And somehow, I'm still here. My stomach is in knots, I can barely eat, and my gut hurts from bouts of stress induced diarrhea. But I still have a job.

For now.

Of course, the deed isn't done—they might let me go next month. But for now, I have a paycheck and more stress to add to the stress that I had earlier. 

"Trust Me."

His words whisper into my heart. But Lord, which is worse? Loosing my job or having to stay behind and pick up the pieces?

"It's ok, I've got this. Trust Me."

Again He speaks to my troubled heart.  And again I feel the suffocation. But Lord, I'm scared.

"Trust Me."

I stare at my computer. The work I am suppose to be working on. My thoughts jumble. I don't understand. Lord, help me trust you, I can not do this alone.

"It's ok, I've got this. Just trust Me."