Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forget Me Not

I am not some porcelain vase
that sits in a china cabinet
to be seen, but not touched
"well, I don't want to hurt her feelings" is the common answer
As if I needed your concern

I am used to the hard knocks
I have broken
but I always heal

I am irreplaceable
I am beauty
I am creativity

forget me not

my tears mourn loss
the loss of creativity
that is what hurts
creativity isn't like a box of tissues
to be used at your discretion

it belongs to me
it is borrowed—yet never returned
you are discussing my soul
that's personal

verbally abused
when our creativity doesn't measure up
your words break the porcelain

long into the night
I pay the price
tears wet my cheeks
as I replay each remark

in the morning we begin again
forget me not
it whispers to me

a bud opens
forget me not

I sit on a windowsill
my creativity soaks up the sunlight
my porcelain is cracked
but I am beauty

forget me not