Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Worth

Am I worth it?
Am I worth the risk?
Perhaps I'm not.

But if I'm not, what is the reason for my lack of worth?

There is never a good reason.
They just walk away.

Leaving me with questions in my heart.

Sometimes it is for the best.
They never truly treasured me, as I treasured them. 
But today the question still lingers.

Am I worth it?
My friends tell me that I am.
Of course you are worth it! They exclaim.
The rain is just making you melancholy, 
Stop asking that question.

Perhaps, but my question still lingers.
The child inside wants to understand.
She holds a crumpled piece of paper close to her heart.
Earnestly she ask him,
Am I worth the risk?

No. Comes the answer.

You are not worth the risk.

No. Again.
The child inside cringes.
A tear trickles down her cheek.
I am not worth it to you?


The crumpled paper drops to the floor.
I do not want to love again,
The little girl cries.
Why, why was I not worth it?